Welcome to THREAD

'THREAD' is a personal safety app for children (aged from 8 years) that combines the benefits of contemporary technology with clever design and personal devices. In stressful situations, where only one action can be taken, THREAD provides an immediate connection between: a user’s location, trusted contacts and emergency services.

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the name

The idea for THREAD’s name was inspired by a fable about trust, love and independence. The story featured three players: a mother, her daughter and the daughter’s beau. The daughter’s suitor lived deep inside a very dark cave. One day the daughter asked her mother if she could visit this man. The mother did not want to stand in the way of her daughter’s happiness, so she pulled a thread from the edge of her skirt and told the daughter to hold onto it as she made her way into the cave. If, for whatever reason, she felt in danger she could tug on the thread and her mother would pull her from harm.

Thread's Functionality



  • Users can check-in to preset deadlines, or simply send an update on the fly, promoting communication without enforcing prohibitive rules.

  • Should a preset check-in time be set and missed, the user’s last known location is sent to their nominated contacts.



  • Thread allows users to discuss their concerns along with images.

  • This component encourages users to communicate with their trusted contacts through an informal chat medium that is locked down to trusted contacts.



  • At Thread’s core is a personal safety alarm. When activated, the alarm sends the users location to their trusted contacts, launches the phone and dials 000.

  • The Alert function can be activated from the PIN screen. 000 can be dialled in as little as three taps on an unlocked phone.

PLEASE NOTE: Functionality of THREAD may differ between iOS and Android platforms